May 25, 2021

Venture Capital, SpaceX, & Climate Solutions with Sam Levac-Levey | Ep. 19

Venture Capital, SpaceX, & Climate Solutions with Sam Levac-Levey | Ep. 19

Sam is a mechanical engineer from Montreal, Canada. He has pursued a wide range of engineering experiences in over five different industries, including rockets at SpaceX, energy storage at Tesla, and electric flying cars at Lilium Aviation.

His current focus is helping to solve the climate crisis. He’s a leader and organizer of a highly active and entrepreneurial climate community called Work on Climate. He has also developed a board game about climate solutions, called Solutions.

The game exposes players to almost 100 unique and surprising solutions to climate change, inspired by research from Project Drawdown. It is designed to give you hope that climate change is still a solvable problem, and a sense of urgency that it’s almost (but not quite) too late. It might even encourage you to pick a solution and take real-world action!

The Solutions board game will be on Kickstarter in Summer 2021. You can learn more at

In this episode:

How Sam developed Solutions

How he got into venture capital by giving a presentation on why investors shouldn't invest in his company

Growing up in Montreal

How a concussion led Sam to focus more on inventing and less on sports

How he built a hovercraft in 11th grade

How Sam made himself become a more social person in high school

How he figured out he wanted to be a mechanical engineer

Balancing coursework, robotics, Formula racing, and other clubs at Dalhousie University

Designing drones as an intern at Skysquirrel Technologies

His experience working on rockets at SpaceX

His time Tesla

How a wind turbine class project led to his first company out of school

His experience running his own t-shirt company

Sam's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs