June 8, 2021

Running 200-Mile Races and Breaking Mental Barriers with Ryan Lange | Ep. 21

Running 200-Mile Races and Breaking Mental Barriers with Ryan Lange | Ep. 21

"There's something that you could push yourself in physically or mentally that makes you a tougher individual."

Ryan Lange is a 24-year-old ultramarathon runner and business owner. He became the youngest person to ever run a 200-mile race at just 20-years-old. Ryan's objective is to show others the value created by pushing your body and brain to their absolute limits.

Ryan owns and operates an outdoor apparel company (Live GenZ), a product development company (Persistent Design & Marketing), and he's also an RRCA certified running coach (RaveRunner Training). He ran the Moab 240 in 86 hours.

A self-described "chubby" kid growing up, Ryan began running freshman year of college to lose weight. This led to a marathon, then a 50 mile race, then a 100-mile race, and finally races surpassing 200 miles.

In this episode:

1:18 How Ryan got into running

7:00 Ryan's White Claw Challenge

8:45 What Ryan enjoys about running

11:45 Live GenZ, RaveRunner, and Persistent Design & Marketing

13:20 Ryan's advice to people beginning to run

18:44 Almost getting on Shark Tank

20:45 Growing up and getting an entrepreneurial grant

24:42 Pushing through moments of doubt

28:34 Running on edibles

32:30 What Ryan learned from the one race he couldn't finish

36:11 The hardest race Ryan has completed

39:35 Sleep deprivation and hallucinating during races

43:29 What success means to Ryan


Moab 240

Ryan's White Claw Challenge

You can follow Ryan on Instagram (@raverunner_1) and YouTube (Ryan The RaveRunner Lange)

You can check out his businesses Live GenZ, Persistent Marketing and Design, and Rave Runner Training

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