March 25, 2021

Reflections on Ep. 1-12 | Pt. 1

Reflections on Ep. 1-12 | Pt. 1

In this special episode of After School Program, we reflect on our experience with the podcast so far, including what we've learned throughout the process, our favorite moments, and the best insight from guests in Episodes 1-6. This is Part 1 of the two-part series. 

We reflect on Episodes 7-12 in Part 2, which will be released Tuesday morning.

In this episode:

(0:30) Thoughts on our first time recording together

(2:16) Reflecting on Episode 1 with Outdoor Leader Matt Duncan

(5:32) Reflecting on Episode 2 with Sports Journalist Brody Miller

(9:50) Reflecting on Episode 3 with Professional Skydiver Brian Lane

(13:08) Reflecting on Episode 4 with Musician Jonathan Colman

(15:57) Reflecting on Episode 5 with Comedy Television Writer Ella Robinson Brooks

(19:44) Reflecting on Episode 6 with Apple Supply Chain Managers Lauren Poillon and Katie Humphrey

Full Episode 1 Interview Here

Full Episode 2 Interview Here

Full Episode 3 Interview Here

Full Episode 4 Interview Here

Full Episode 5 Interview Here

Full Episode 6 Interview Here

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