April 20, 2021

Performing in France and Discovering Your Passion in College with Musician Kyle Sparkman | Ep. 15

Performing in France and Discovering Your Passion in College with Musician Kyle Sparkman | Ep. 15

Kyle Sparkman (@kylesparkman) is a guitarist and singer-songwriter based in Philadelphia. His music has been described as indie-funk or a combination of “Mac Demarco, John Frusciante, Tom Misch, and some disco rolled into one.”

Kyle recently released his live sessions EP “Alive and Well”. His music and videos have been streamed over 400,000 times.

Kyle discovered his passion for performing while studying Economics at the University of Clemson. He did a semester abroad in Paris, France where he began performing in the street and jamming with other musicians.

After graduation, Kyle began to get his footing in the Philadelphia music scene playing guitar for the band Looseleaf. But an opportunity arose to teach English in Lyon, France for a year and Kyle took it.

He returned back to Philadelphia and was reestablishing himself in the scene until the pandemic hit. Kyle has been focusing on creating new music and promoting his content on social media.

In this episode:

The process of creating his EP

How he would describe his music

His influences

Discovering his passion for performing in college

Studying and performing in Paris, France

Creating his band Frequent Flyers at Clemson University

Joining the Philadelphia music scene and Looseleaf

Deciding to put music out under his own name

Moving to Lyon, France to teach English for a year

Rejoining the Philly music scene

Using social media for his music

Being the Community Manager for Pickup Music

Kyle’s advice

You check out Kyle Sparkman’s music here:

Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | Website

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