Feb. 25, 2021

Overcoming Obstacles | Theme: #4

Overcoming Obstacles | Theme: #4

A social media marketer, two supply chain managers and a news producer share stories about how they overcame various obstacles.

(0:26) Brett Yoncak is the owner and operator of BCT Studio, where he and his partner/girlfriend create and manage advertising campaigns for businesses and provide daily marketing consultations to business owners around the world.

Brett taught himself graphic design and social media marketing by using YouTube and Google. He previously held positions at MetaNova and Alfalfa Studio before starting his own business.

You can find our full conversation with Brett here.

(2:45) Lauren Poillon (@laurenpoillon) and Katie Humphrey (@kt_humphrey) took working remotely to a whole new level when they decided to rent a van and travel the U.S. for over 5 months, all while managing global supply chains for Apple.

A journey that was supposed to last only a month, extended into nearly half a year. We had the @vanlife__bestlife girls on the show to reflect on their highs and lows, the friends they made along the way, and the lessons they learned from their adventure.

Lauren and Katie both are graduates of Pennsylvania State University. Katie previously worked for Under Armor and Lauren interned with SpaceX.

You can find our full conversation with Katie and Lauren here.

(6:45) Dan Corey (@danielhcorey) is an Associate Segment Producer at MSNBC where he writes and produces segments for use on-air. While he was a student at Rutgers University, fighting to keep the school’s newspaper alive, Dan landed an interview with President Obama by boldly asking him for the interview during the middle of a Q-and-A with college reporters at the White House.

You can find our full conversation with Dan here.

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