July 13, 2021

Matchmaking, Dating Advice, & Birthday Clowns | Ep. 26

Matchmaking, Dating Advice, & Birthday Clowns | Ep. 26

Olivia Atwood is a writer, actress, fitness instructor and matchmaker who loves Pret A Manger brownies and hates when Pret A Manger is out of brownies. A SAG-eligible and EMC actress, Olivia has been called “riotous” by Time Out New York and her comedic duo has been hailed as a “modern-day Lucy and Ethel” by StageBuddy. Her favorite pastime is gossiping about the Bachelor and your most recent Hinge date. She also thinks you should join the Love Pool probably.

In this episode, we talk about how Olivia started her matchmaking service Liv's Love Pool, her dating advice, being a fake patient for resident doctors, and her time as a birthday clown.

You can find Olivia here: Instagram | Website

And check out Liv's Love Pool: Instagram | Website

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