Feb. 5, 2021

Making Your 1st Big Career Decision | Theme: #2

Making Your 1st Big Career Decision | Theme: #2

Past guests reflect on the first big decision that they made in their careers

Their choices include changing careers entirely, taking your passion more seriously and discovering what it is you truly want to pursue.

Here are the bios for each guest:

(0:23) Matt Duncan (@matthewduncs) has been a leader and planner at Overland Summers for the past 4 years, guiding domestic and international adventure trips for 4th-12th graders. He’s a member of the U.S. National Guard and an avid bikepacker, having biked over 200 miles in a single day.

(3:10) As the LSU beat reporter for The Athletic, Brody Miller (@BrodyAMiller) covered LSU during their 2019 national championship season, writing numerous features on one of the greatest college football teams of all-time, and was selected to cast a vote in the 2019 Heisman Trophy all before he turned 26. He was the Managing Editor at the Indiana Daily Student during college and later held positions at The Indianapolis Star, The Clarion Ledger and NOLA.com.

(5:25) Ella Robinson Brooks (@ellarobbro) is the youngest staff writer for TBS’s “The Last O.G.” starring Tracy Morgan, at just 24-years-old. In addition to pitching ideas and helping with story development, part of Ella’s role is to be the young voice who writers can consult to make sure their language and use of phones in the show are consistent with how young adults speak and use them in the real world. She graduated from Emerson College in just two years with a degree in Writing for Film and Television. Ella has previously held positions as a freelance production assistant, a page for NBCUniversal and a segment coordinator at The Rachael Ray Show.

(7:15) Katie Humphrey (@kt_humphrey) took working remotely to a whole new level when she decided to rent a van and travel the U.S. for over 5 months, all while managing global supply chains for Apple. A journey that was supposed to last only a month, extended into nearly half a year. Katie is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and previously worked for Under Armor.

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