May 4, 2021

EDM Shows, Producing Music, and Reinvesting in Yourself with DJ and Music Producer Erich Hoffman aka "Sweet Teeth" | Ep. 17

EDM Shows, Producing Music, and Reinvesting in Yourself with DJ and Music Producer Erich Hoffman aka "Sweet Teeth" | Ep. 17

"Be content with doing both. You don't have to go all-in on one thing."

Erich Hoffman (@sweetteethmusic) is a Music Producer and DJ who goes by the name of "Sweet Teeth". His journey as an artist started in a high school elective class called 'Technology in Music' with learning the basics of audio engineering in GarageBand. He now has played his songs for thousands of people across the country and amassed millions of streams online. 

Erich is represented by Segeth Entertainment and Mint Talent Group. He graduated from Philadelphia University (now Jefferson University) in 2017.

In this episode:

4:12 How the lockdown made Erich alter his music

6:43 TikTok's influence on the music industry

9:01 Why Erich doesn't send his music to friends and family

12:12 Spotify overtaking SoundCloud & the digital streaming wars

16:45 Erich's childhood and his musical influences

18:17 How a high school elective sparked Erich's music production career

24:26 Erich's song for a senior class project that went viral

28:38 His experience DJing college parties

36:39 Advancing from playing bars and parties to EDM shows across the country

44:16 Erich's thought process as his music career became more successful

45:48 Balancing his job in software sales with his music career

56:01 Using social media

1:00:08 His friendship and collaborating with Shizz Lo

1:05:59 Erich's advice to himself

1:08:01 Why you can pursue your passion and have a job

1:11:34 A conversation around the longevity of EDM artists

1:19:11 How Erich would define success

1:21:06 How Erich got represented by a manager and agency

1:25:12 His biggest fan


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