Feb. 19, 2021

Discovering Your Passion | Theme: #3

Discovering Your Passion | Theme: #3

In this themed episode, we compiled answers from a TV comedy writer, news producer and professional musician about how they discovered their passion while growing up.

(0:32) At 24 years old, Ella Robinson Brooks (@ellarobbro) is the youngest staff writer for TBS’s “The Last O.G.” starring Tracy Morgan. In addition to pitching ideas and helping with story development, part of Ella’s role is to be the young voice who writers can consult to make sure their language and use of phones in the show are consistent with how young adults speak and use them in the real world.

You can find Ella's full interview here.

(3:21) Dan Corey (@danielhcorey) is an Associate Segment Producer at MSNBC where he writes and produces segments for use on-air. While he was a student at Rutgers University, fighting to keep the school’s newspaper alive, Dan landed an interview with President Obama by boldly asking him for the interview during the middle of a Q-and-A with college reporters at the White House.

You can find Dan's full interview here.

(13:56) Jonathan Colman (@friendshipwizard) is the bass guitarist for the futuristic funk band Muscle Tough (@muscletough). They've opened for Lotus at Capital Theatre, played at The Fillmore in their hometown of Philadelphia and performed alongside Jon Fishman, co-founder of the band Phish.

You can find Jonathan's full interview here.

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