Aug. 24, 2021

Developing Range and Overcoming Your Own Mistakes | Ep. 31 - John Brzozowski

Developing Range and Overcoming Your Own Mistakes | Ep. 31 - John Brzozowski

John Brzozowski is a 25-year-old accountant at Ernst and Young. John also co-hosts the @quadbunk podcast with @esmitty88, where they try to elicit value from their guests' experiences and banter on a wide range of topics for some easy listening.

John graduated from Penn State University with a Master's in Accounting.

In this episode:

John’s advice for those studying for the CPA exam

Being your own biggest advocate

Why he believes pursuing other interests benefits your career

Why John wanted to start a podcast

What he learned throughout the process of making his podcast

And how John became an accountant after not having the GPA needed for the major in college

You can follow John Brzozowski here.

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Show Notes

Range by David Epstein - book

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