May 11, 2021

Dancing, Coding, and Designing Your Life with Software Engineer Julia de Lorimier | Ep. 18

Dancing, Coding, and Designing Your Life with Software Engineer Julia de Lorimier | Ep. 18

“I came to the realization that I didn't need to have an income that depended on the thing I loved in order to keep doing it and loving it. “

Julia de Lorimier is a software engineer for Betterment, a savings and investing app. While studying abroad in Brazil, Julia decided to switch her major from philosophy to psychobiology. When she graduated, she taught SAT and ACT prep to high schoolers, while she pursued her dancing career at a conservatory.

Julia came to the realization that she would be happy, even happier, if she danced as a hobby instead of a career and began to look for new jobs. She found a role in the customer experiences department at Betterment. Julia took a coding bootcamp after work and eventually landed a job as a software engineer at the same company.

Julia graduated from Santa Clara University in 2015.

Disclaimer: Julia is not a financial representative.

In this episode:

Julia’s personal finance tips

Why she switched from majoring in philosophy

Julia’s life-changing experience in Brazil and working at a hostel

Why she decided to pursue dance after she graduated college

Her experience tutoring students on SAT and ACT prep

Julia’s SAT and ACT prep tips

Why she decided she didn’t need to dance for a career

How a date eventually led her to her job at Betterment

Julia’s experience working in customer services

How she switched from working in customer services to engineering

What her role in software engineering is like

Julia’s advice

Show Notes

I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

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