After School Program Podcast

After School Program Podcast

Ever want to know how somebody becomes a sports journalist? A skydiving instructor? Leads backpacking trips in national parks for a living?

Zach McHale, a former production associate at NBC News' "Stay Tuned" and Connor Heine, a Philadelphia sound engineer working with bands including “Muscle Tough,” hold conversations with young professionals across various fields, including some that are quite literally off the beaten path.

The purpose? To blend light-hearted banter with captivating stories and insight into how people approach life after school.

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Recent Episodes

Developing Range and Overcoming Your Own Mistakes | Ep. 31 - John Brzozowski

Aug. 24, 2021

John Brzozowski is a 25-year-old accountant at Ernst and Young. John also co-hosts the @quadbunk podcast with @esmitty88 , where they try to elicit value from their guests' experiences and banter on a wide range of topics fo…

Commercial Production, Women in Advertising, & Hellboys | Ep. 30 - Shelby Guller

Aug. 18, 2021

Shelby Guller is a copywriter currently based in LA. She's written for some of the world's biggest brands, including Starbucks, Uber, MasterClass, Coke, General Mills, and more... but she's kinda bad at writing her own bios.…

Increasing International Voter Turnout and Attending Law School at 19-Years-Old with Howard Cohen | Ep. 29

Aug. 10, 2021

Howard is an award-winning entrepreneur who helped scale a technology company that increased voter turnout in democracies around the world. He’s worked at the UN and as a litigation attorney at an international law firm. He …

Writing a Book at 25-Years-Old and the Flaws of Perfectionism with Chloe Cullen | Ep. 28

Aug. 3, 2021

Chloe Cullen is a writer, scripted television comedy assistant at CAA, and a recovering perfectionist. At 25-years-old, Chloe is set to release her first book, PERF, later this fall. The novel explores the ignored side of pe…

Investing in Companies, Learning Through Informationals, and Managing Your Peers | Ep. 28

July 21, 2021

“If you reach out to people asking for a job, they're gonna give you advice. And if you reach out to people asking for advice, you'll probably get a job.” Andrew is a 33-year-old head of business development at a private equ…

Matchmaking, Dating Advice, & Birthday Clowns | Ep. 26

July 13, 2021

Olivia Atwood is a writer, actress, fitness instructor and matchmaker who loves Pret A Manger brownies and hates when Pret A Manger is out of brownies. A SAG-eligible and EMC actress, Olivia has been called “riotous” by Time…

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Why I Wanted To Make This Podcast

This podcast was an idea I've had rolling around in my head since 2017. Navigating my own career during and after college and having seen my friends go d…

About the Hosts

Zach McHale


Graduating with a B.S. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University in 2017, he has held positions at Comedy Central Records, Comedy Central and NBCUniversal. Most recently, he was a production associate at NBC News' "Stay Tuned," a Gen-Z-focused digital news program.

His experience shifting from a business-oriented career to one in digital media and entertainment production sparked his curiosity in understanding how his peers go about making career and life choices.

In his spare time, he enjoys working on the podcast, developing his beach apparel company Dunebird, hiking, road-biking and performing stand-up comedy, among other things.

Connor Heine


A Philadelphia sound engineer having worked with members of "Lotus" and "Dopapod" as well as the band "Muscle Tough," he enjoys bringing the best audio experience he can to live events or studios. He graduated from University of the Arts in 2017.